Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dotty I had a Bad Dream

Dotty, I had a bad dream.

In my dream, I was in my house in Guatemala and suddenly I got my boyfriend in my room
but he was weird looking was tall,white, and really big, bigger than Wendy, yet i guess I was his girlfriend for his smile so warm and his patient towards me. Suddenly my mom came in saw him naked I smile at my mom gave me a lecture and he was still there watching tv didn't mind what my mom was saying neither was I. I got mad at him because he was watching football all afternoon so I left my room left him there went outside, but i walked two blocks and saw three men drinking I was discusted and kept on walking then I reach a school that I hesitated to enter. I saw a couple men dress in suits came out talking about an exposition and suddelny I felt like fainting this woman asked me if I was okay. I turned around and saw a bus I rode on it and took me to Tijuana. I felt lost again and this girl was there and I asked her where I was and she said Mexico Epiligo I was confuse. I took some dollars and asked her if she could trade the money for pesos I needed to make a phone call. She told me that in Tijuana you just use dollars duh. I was laughing with her in a kind way and then I woke up.


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