Thursday, September 22, 2005


Today like any other day I woke up and got ready to go to school, but i noticed something weird as soon as I took the train. I saw this dude whatever his name is and I sayto myself he looks like someone, Yet i didn't pay attention and I forgot about it and started reading on the train. Then, when i got off I saw him again at the muni station and I said to myself dawn he is ugly. I got off the muni and saw him going right straight to my school and I say again too bad the ugly ones ride with me. He went straight to my lab then I remember is my T.A. I knew it i have seen him somewhere. I was very, very,an hour late to my lab so I pretend that I didn't see him all along and I ask him with my friendliest face that I got in class Can You Still Take my Homework even if its late :) please. He said yes giving me that uhhh look. After class he talked to me about something i didn't pay the slightlist attention to what he was saying still he was very nice.


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nice eh

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