Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Last Night Was Wieird

Last Night:
It was around 10:00pm when I was talking to Wendy about Adan and she told me i knew it, The time that he lost his car and you stop my mom to talk to him and when he reply you i saw it. Anybody can see it that he like you. I told her to stop it he is just a friend. Around 11:25 he called me and asked me if I can go outside my house because he was talking from a payphone that is in the park outside my house finally I agreed. But before I went outside Geimy said to me WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I said outside. She said i'm coming with you and I said okay. The moment she saw him she was very happy until he said wait it minute we were supposed to talk not be babysat by geimy. Geimy was mad and told him You went out with me and now you guys are stuck with me. I told him Adan I 'm never going to go out with you because you went out with Geimy and that's bad.:)
Geimy said don't worry I never really care about you then her cellphone rang and she went to the otherside of the park to talk. We talked a little but it was weird I noticed that most of the conversation was based on Raul unwillingness to stop drinking I told him that there was nothing I can do plus I don't want to know the way he destroys himself.
Finally after 20 minutes i hug him and he left. I went ot get Geimy becasue she was fighting over the phone how sad:(


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