Saturday, November 26, 2005


You are not going to believe. :)
I had a dream that I was on Santa Cruz with a guy I can't remember the name, and he took me to beach shore to listen to the seals at 12:00pm. I can remember that it was cold and still he remain funny making tons of jokes but as soon it was 12:30pm I had to go home. I said "hmm this reminds me of a story" :)

I went out with Steve. TERRIBLE DATE

I went out with AR
It was a DREAM he is very respecful guy.

Went out with Francis
I drank a tequila shut and felt terrible. I was like the girl HUNK turned a monter after the drink sorry.

Went out with Mike
HE drinks too much...

You see Peter I know how to behave as a good girl. :)
Peter where is my present.


Blogger Nguyen said...

Who is AR my love? And it is a supprise indeed you see. heeheehee... I hope you won't become a drinking addict. YOu know I was reading your post the same time you were posting. Ironic isn't it.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Nguyen said...

Hey i missed you so much...fix your phone plz!!

1:40 PM  

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