Wednesday, February 22, 2006

before I forget Dotty: Something Scare me last Night

For some reason I had another tommyache last night. It was strong but it went away. Around 3:00 am i got up to go the bathroom and I went with the lights off. But when I was ready to leave I saw a white card on the floor, it had two babies a blong girl and a red head boy. I turned the lights on and so the little girl was beautiful but when I saw the boy it was horrible. His face was elongaged and had dracula teeth and real red eyes too evil. I saw it twice to see if it was my imagination but it wasn't I threw it on the floor and run to my room. I kept my headphones on until it was time to go to school.

A little kid keeps telling me things in my ears funny things like look at it or tickle your feet, and for some reason I keep laughing by myself everywhere. If someone asked why I laugh? I make some stuff up; i dont want they (my mom, peter, sisters...) to take me the church for exorcisim again.


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