Thursday, February 16, 2006


Dotty : I had a dream that left me laughing, yet it was very weird.

my dream was about that I was pregnant and that the day I was due I was in the middle of the farmer's Market and i had my baby in the middle of it. I saw a lot of women around me and finally I delivered it but my baby fall in one dark hole and when i tried to reach him he was grown walking but the worse was that it was ugly like a demon child. Still, I closed my eyes and asked my baby what do you want and he said Candy, butterscotch candy, so I bought like a handful of candy, but he was still evil. I didn't want it to cry and I took it home. My husband was waiting for me at home for the baby. He was dark and the evil baby was white, I mean blond hair, light eyes and behave vey bad. I didn't want to tell my husband it wasn't his, but somehow my ex-b visited me at home and became so attached to the baby, still I didn't want it to tell him but for real my baby change he became beautiful as soon as his father so him and they were both playing to be superman and trapping themselves around with blankies and playing spaceships, still during the entire time that my ex-b played with my baby I always fearful that he was going to take my baby away and saw him with my evil eyes.

Dotty : then I had another dream.

I dreamt that the sun was calling the moon but the moon was hidding under this thick cloud but the worse part of it was that i was doing the laughing for the moon. The sun started to condense the cloud and tickling the moon, at the same time i could feel being tickle. I could feel the sun's touch and the game around it. I could hear the thick voice of the sun and the innocent laugh of the moon. At the end the sun was winning the game over the moon but the moon was disapearing because the day was starting making the moon to dissolve in the sky.


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