Monday, September 25, 2006

Dotty; I'm agoing to tell you

Last sunday, The lady t0ld me that my mom might make the contract of the house either on october or november, but I was going to work a lot. She said that maybe i was going to get my master very slowly. i was sad. I asked about peter and she said that I am not important to him anymore, but she also said that in this moment noone really cares about me because I haven't make strong friendships not even with peter. I was sad a gain. She said that by the end of December i was not going to have a single friend. I said how is that possible. She said you'll see.
On Sunday at work:
Elvira was telling everyone that she lives with Guillermo, but i said I know you'll live with him since you guys meet. She was so angry and left. Reminder: Don't make her angry 'cuz she is pregnant.
At school: I gave my introduction on Autism. I must start writing my design and procedure.
Juan Sanches what a unfunny name! I dont like it. He was telling about the reports on autism but he keep on talking to me when I was leaving. I didnt like it. He was stopping me from talking to this asian guy. I was annoy.


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