Thursday, September 21, 2006


Last night Peter was at my work with Geimy. The whole conversation was mainly in how bad Francis and I acted against Peter. I just wanted to leave the place, but i couldn't. I could hear Geimy saying "He is not your Friend Peter," He is a bad person, and even GAY, and Evelyn is just a "Whore" let them suffer on their own. "Let Karma get them." I guess i am not going out with them even if they pay me. I feel problems are coming soon. For nothing in this world, I would let Peter come to my school. I just can't.
Last night, I had a dream that my Dad was helping me remove dry leaves from the parking lot...
He brought a blower machine and put it to full energy, but the leaves wouldn't go away. My dad even bent down to scrap them with a shovel, but he was weird out that the tiny little leaves wouldn't leave my parking space, and he try, try, and try ... until I woke up.


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